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  • 30th September 2012


    I really appreciated the worship time in Church last Sunday, we are so fortunate to have a team of musicians who just love to worship, it makes such and enormous difference.

    Last Friday we were so blessed as a family, Rondi our son Tim's wife gave birth to another little boy, Mark Timothy Atkinson. He was delivered by "C" section so Rondi needs to rest up. So this week we have had the family staying with us so Granny can help with little Bjorn and Mark. If we a little heavy around the eyes then maybe sleep has been eluding us for some reason.

    In about 2 weeks I should have my book printed and in my hands, I can't believe I finally managed to finish it after thinking about it for years. I think what has tipped me has been discovering that so many Baptist Pastors are sort of stuck in discouragement or opposition and not sure what to do to move ahead. I am very motivated to help people overcome so that has been the motivation to write the book. You put yourself on the line because you can't talk theories you have to share real things and be somewhat vulnerable. However my self worth is not riding on selling some, only my desire to cover the printing costs. It will sell at round $20 unless you are particularly broke then we will find a way.

    It has been a different journey over the last 5 years what with our retreat at Hanmer developing into a major Baptist retreat. Also we have got to know a large number of Pastors very well and through that association hear the needs they have. I am at the moment preparing for the workshop on Spiritual Warfare I have been asked to do. It will be quite different from the usual presentations at Assembly so I am hoping God is leading me.

    A number of Pastors have commented to me that a new wind of change is blowing in the movement, many Pastors and leaders are spirit filled and desire to bring their churches into a greater expression of worship and the gifts but really don't know how.

    I was speaking to a Pastor from the Nth Island on Tuesday, he was telling me 25 years ago when he was just a teenager in the youth group.

    Things got so heated over changing the style of the church worship and allowing in the gifts of the Spirit a misguided opponent of change, physically attacked a speaker at the A.G.M. He said he was so shocked with the behavior of a traditional group, he joined a Pentecostal Church vowing never to return. Now to his chagrin he is back with the Baptists, as the Pastor of the church and today seeing the works of the Holy Spirit. We need to understand the price some churches have paid in order to bring in truth and expel error.

    Let us be diligent to hold tight to what we have, pray for the leaders and the worship team and protect them from any misguided and misinformed attack.

    Have a great week

    Blessings Pastor Maurice

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    Welcome everyone

    It seems its congratulations all round this week.

    Firstly to Michael and Rachel Ford on the safe arrival of their beautiful wee baby girl, Violet.

    Also to Nalin and Aimee Hewawasam on the arrival of their baby boy Darcy. Darcy's arrival was quite difficult, which ended in Darcy being kept in intensive care for a number of days. For first time parents I can only imagine how stressful this would have been for them. At the time of writing this though (Thursday morning) Aimee was waiting to hear if they would be allowed to come home. Please continue to hold them up in prayer. I know they will deeply appreciate all your support.

    By the time you read this Maurice and Miriam should be very proud Grandparents for the fourth time. Tim and Rhondie are expecting their second baby this weekend and Maurice and Miriam are on Grandparent duty, looking after number one grandson. I've got the feeling Maurice is expecting a long weekend of rough and tumble with young Bjorn. The way Maurice's knee has been this last month I think this could be Bjorn's moment of glory. On the serious side, we do pray everything has gone well. It is a real thrill for us all to see your family expand and for you to have the added blessing of having them so near. Bless you both.

    I'm not sure if it has been mentioned before but Heather needs to congratulated on getting Russell safely through to his 70th birthday. Russell, we're all hoping we look as good and as fit as you are when we hit 70. I hope you have been able to hold yourself back from your many projects, sitting back and enjoying having family and friends around for a time. Bless you brother.

    Good news also for our Early Learning Centre. We have been inspected by the Education Review Office (ERO) this last week, and the initial feedback they have given us has been the best we have ever had. Management and staff provide a wonderful and professional service to our community, and it is very pleasing to see that recognised and reflected back in an official capacity.

    Tonight at our 7pm Service Lynne Millett will be sharing about her and Eddie's new and very exciting faith venture. I can't say too much here, but Lynne has shared with me her journey and Gods incredible faithfulness as she has stepped out in obedience to His call. Come along tonight. Bring a friend. I'm sure both of you will blessed.

    Have a great week and Bless you all

    Greg Morris (Pastor)

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    We were so thrilled to hear of the exciting worship service last Sunday, it really sounds like God came down and inhabited His praises.

    It is so encouraging to hear about the words that came and the number of people who participated to make it a real church event.

    Miriam and I were in Wellington speaking at Wainuiomata which is just over the hill from the main city. You would remember their Pastor, Paul Edlin speaking here a couple of years ago and sharing how they raised the money in a very economically depressed area to rebuild their church. We were most impressed not just with the facility but with the caliber of the people, most of whom had come out of difficult circumstances. We ran a workshop on Saturday, just over 80 people attended from churches around the area. Miriam spoke in the morning on intercession and I spoke on prophetic impartation in the afternoon.

    During the ministry time we saw God powerfully touch people which was very rewarding after a hard days teaching and preaching.

    I preached on Sunday morning, we had a great worship time but it sounds like you guys had the real deal. At the end of my sermon a little boy about 8 years old came in the back crying and then threw up in the middle of the isle. I was amazed at the amount he produced, it kind of took the edge off the prayer at the end. His parents came up at the end for prayer and said they knew he was sick as the whole family had this bug but they came to church because they wanted to be prayed for. After my recent history I felt like putting on gloves before I touched them.

    Paul and his wife Christine were wonderful hosts, we flew back to Christchurch Sunday afternoon.

    Our house has now had its earthquake makeover, which is very exciting, Miriam is now restoring pictures and books on shelves. We have the latest look which is various shades of white, I suppose it does open the place up a little.

    The saga of my knee is still dragging on, there has been a slow improvement to the point where I can now almost walk normally. It has been a bit of a mystery as three times in prayer I felt God touched me and there was a big improvement followed by a relapse. In those prayer times it seemed there was some direct opposition against me, which is possible that has happened before.

    Anyway I went to Sports Medicine on Friday and they are making a diagnosis. It does seem there is some cartilage problem so we will wait and see.

    In the meantime Miriam has been a wonderful nurse, carrying firewood, fetching meals, holding doors open. I am even more in debt.

    Thank you all for the prayer and encouragement, the pain has not been easy, it makes me wonder how some people have survived with what they have had to live with and I am fussing over a sore knee.

    Anyway, have a great week

    Blessings Pastor Maurice

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    This weekend, Miriam and I are in Wellington ministering at Wainuiomata Baptist, teaching a seminar on Saturday on Intercession and impartation. Miriam will be running the intercession and I will take the impartation of Gifting in the afternoon and will preach Sunday morning.

    This visit has been in place for several months before the trials of Job arrived, so I trust all is going well.

    We have appreciated all the support we have received through this unfortunate time what with the kidney stone op, pneumonia attack, and both with severe colds and barking like seals. The knee swelling turns out to be a golf injury, an aggravation on a knee tendon which caused pain and swelling.

    It will take up to 2 months exercise etc to completely fix it. We have appreciated encouraging words which have confirmed it as opposition to moving ahead which we have to overcome. It is good when you know it is the Devil who makes you sick and God who heals you. We have so appreciated all the prayer and words of support which have been quite overwhelming.

    It is funny Miriam gave me a word about a month ago that God wanted me to spend time in rest listening to His voice to prepare for the days ahead. I thought I will do that when I find time. Now because of the circumstances I will be resting and the best use of time is to listen and pray.

    At long last I have finished my book entitled "Empowered by the Spirit" and should be looking at producing some copies in the near future. I would love to have some to take to Wellington with us which is the main reason in writing it. You can only impart so much in a seminar but when they have a book they can refer back and even learn more. We have been asked to take a seminar on spiritual warfare in the church at Baptist Assembly. This is something we have always longed to do, it gives us an opportunity to help a lot of Pastors and Leaders who are under unnecessary pressure. That is not till November so we have plenty of time to gather material.

    I am sure you will be enjoying Greg today, he is always good value and I understand there is a special speaker tonight at the evening service Juddy Taylor.

    Have a great week.

    Blessings Pastor Maurice

  • 2nd September 2012

    Welcome everyone to our Fathers Day service this morning. We hope all the Dad's out there have experienced at least a little extra attention or spoiling from your children already this morning? In years gone bye our kids used to bring Joy and I breakfast in bed. It usually consisted of around 12 solitary cornflakes floating in a sea of milk, which disguised the small pyramid of sugar hiding just below the surface. Their major mission however was to transport it up the stairs without spilling it. Funny how those memories become more and more special with each passing year. Nowadays things are much different. But the phone calls and the special lunch together etc are just as special and memorable. Happy Fathers Day guys.

    Joy and I have acclimatised well. Stepping away from temperatures in the mid 30's to mid 40's I was wondering how we would cope with a frost or two? It's been easy to adjust though. By the sound of things we have missed out on the wettest winter we have had for a while.

    Warren and Jo Boocock are hosting a new small group in their home starting this Wednesday night at 7.30pm. Jo and Warren hosted a couple of Alpha sessions, and did a great job creating a very welcoming atmosphere for The Holy Spirit to move freely in. I'll be leading the small group with an aim in discussing and establishing the basics of our Christian Faith. So if you are interested you can call either Warren or Jo, or myself. Otherwise you are welcome to just roll up this Wednesday night.

    The Oxford Community Ministries Trust has some exciting news to share. Juddy applied for a significant sum of money for the purchase of a van and our application was accepted. There are just one or two minor but necessary red tape hurdles to jump before the funds are handed to us. But sooner rather than later we will own a 10 or 11 seater van for our Church ministries, Kings kids etc to have access to. This a major win for us and we are understandably very grateful. Thank you JESUS. It should help a lot of the children's ministries make excursions much more affordable for families. We will let you know as soon as we have secured it. No doubt we'll park it out front one Sunday to show her off.

    Maurice and Miriam are seemingly recovering from their flues. Maurice however is still battling a very painfully swollen knee and lower leg. I know they will appreciate your prayers for their recovery.

    As you will be well aware there is a major shortage of rental accommodation in Oxford. Fiona Woodfield is looking for a 2 bdrm home while James and Carolyn Smith are hoping to secure a 3bdrm home. Often rentals don't even get to be advertised as they are snapped up by word of mouth. If you have any leads on a home coming up please touch base with Fiona or James and Carolyn directly or call me at the office so we can follow up any leads.

    Bless you all. I hope you continue to have a special day Dad's. To everyone else have a great week.

    Greg Morris (Pastor)

  • 18 September 2011

    Good morning everyone.    If you were in church last Sunday then you will have noticed perhaps that it was a service different to the "norm".   From the beginning of worship there was a very strong presence of the Holy Spirit that grew stronger and stronger as we waited on HIM to give us HIS leading.  As leaders we sensed there was a strong anointing to pray for healings, and for God to go deeper into lives.

    John 5:1-15 recalls the event of Jesus healing a man at the Pool of Bethesda.  People waited by this pool for an angel to come and heal them of their infirmities.  The people waited for the angel to stir the water.  The stirring was a sign.  It was God's signpost to the sick of a Heavenly Presence, and if they wanted a miracle it was left to their discernment of when and how to step in to the pool.  It is also safe to assume that if things are getting "stirred" in the meeting that The Holy Spirit also expects us to follow His timing, and discern the " where, how and who" He intends to minister to.  Many received a deep touch from the Lord last Sunday.  Hopefully some will be willing to give testimony as to how God ministered to them personally in the near future.

    But for the on lookers at the Pool of Bethesda, (Jesus disciples for instance), who weren't being touched to the same degree, were still given a valuable lesson in the character of God.  Every time the power of God is present and miracles, healings, prophecies etc take place, God is revealing to us a part of His character.  How much He loves us, His willingness to invade our lives, to walk with us and reassure us, even during our biggest struggles with doubt, fear, or unbelief.  That's why it's called faith building and not "safe" building.

    It is always good to exercise wisdom and to gain understanding.  Scripture commands us to do so. Wisdom and Faith together teach us to step in and obey.  Understanding will nearly always come after the "experience or act of obedience".  Very rarely before it.  If you're in a place of difficulty processing some of the manifestations of The Spirit, then don't worry.  You're in very good company.  All the way through the gospels the disciples struggled as well.  Even in the very last chapter of Matthew, in between Jesus final ascent and the giving of the Great Commission, scripture tells us some of the disciples still doubted.  But we see in Acts that they came through.  Being willing to follow wherever He leads is key number one, and being willing to accept that revelation, and understanding usually comes post obedience. This is key number two in positioning yourself in living an exciting life led by The Holy Spirit.  Sound easy?   It's faith, not safe.  We're all on a journey, but it's full of glorious promises if we will overcome our fears.

    On a different note Glyn Ellison-Jones is poised ready to start tiling out our main entrance.  Work will start shortly now that we've decided on a design.  Albert has been busy organising for final jobs to be completed re our building extensions.  Everything is looking good to be completed shortly.

    Men's Ministry will be hosting a few World Cup Games here at Church.  Hopefully they will be announced this morning.

    God Bless and have a great week.

    Greg Morris (Pastor)

  • 11 September 2011

    Welcome All - And welcome home Maurice and Miriam, Barbara and Jenny. I hope you're managing to acclimatise? Although returning home from 45 degree temperatures to 18 degrees is probably a welcome relief? We're looking forward to hearing all the stories and testimonies from your time in Israel.  But we're especially pleased you've all made it home in one piece (luggage and all).

    A very excited Jan Hines rang me early Thursday morning.  She had just found out at midnight there was a flight available to Dubai for Thursday lunch time.  It's been a few weeks now since Richard headed off to start his new teachers position in Abudabi, but circumstances didn't allow for Jan and Richard to travel there together.  However everything is in place now and by the time you are reading this Richard and Jan will be reunited after all these weeks apart and well settled in to their apartment.  Please remember to pray for them.  If you're someone like me who has never lived in another country, let alone one with a very different culture, it can be easy to feel excitement, or even envious of their adventure or call.  But both Richard and Jan are well seasoned travellers and missionaries.  They are not in any way oblivious to the heaviness and oppression that can come from living in an Islamic Nation.  So they will appreciate your prayers, your letters of friendship and encouragement.  I know many of you keep in contact through Facebook.  Others of us will just have to remember to send an email.

    Bruce Moore is installing our Free View TV. equipment this week so that those of us who are keen to watch some World Cup Rugby together can do so in the Church lounge.  It'll be a lot of fun I imagine. We do have a few different Nationalities within our Church.  We may have to gag any Australians. Any Brits will probably have to bring ear plugs, but minnow rugby nation representatives will be gracefully allowed to remain wistfully hopeful.  Go the All Blacks.  Hopefully this is our year.

    The balance of our new chairs arrived last week. This means we can now seat .250 of you in style and comfort!  Thank you to all those individuals and families who have contributed in our "buy a chair and pray for someone to fill it" promotion.  Through your gifts and generosity we now have the chairs we needed.  Continuing to pray for people within our community that they would come to know The Lord Jesus and be His disciples is still our Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20).

    Thank you to all those who have been willing to share their testimonies publicly in Church these last couple of weeks.  Not only did they touch people when you shared but I've also heard good reports through the weeks that followed.  You've inspired and raised the faith of many to push into The Lord once again, and not give up on their hopes or healings.

    Bless you all, and have great week.

    Greg Morris (Pastor)

  • 4 September 2011

    Welcome All

    And a special welcome to all the Dad's out there this morning.  I hope you've all enjoyed a great start to Fathers Day?  Maybe some of you with younger children enjoyed breakfast in bed this morning?  I can remember when our children were little they would try and surprise Joy or I on Mothers or Fathers Day. They would arrive in our bedroom with beaming smiles, holding out a spoon and a breakfast bowl consisting of half a cup of cornflakes, two cups of milk, and a submerged pyramid of sugar . Things have somewhat improved through the years as the kids have grown older and become more up skilled.  Kyle is off on a 3 day fishing and diving trip with his friends to Marlborough Sounds.  He arrives home tonight, hopefully with a Fathers Day feed of scallops and crayfish.  My, how things have progressed!  Seriously though, it's a neat time to celebrate the awesome God given privilege of being a parent. Tony and Tamar, along with their faithful Ignite team have arranged for the children to perform and minister to us this morning.  I know you are going to enjoy this.  Thanks  team.

    Our newest Early Learning Centre has just gone through it's scheduled ERO review.  ERO (Education Review Office) is the government department which reports publicly on the quality of education in all New Zealand schools and Early Childhood Centres.  I didn't know if I should be nervous or not, but when they introduced themselves as "having more power than the Police"  I decided that being  at least a little nervous seemed reasonable.  However, they debriefed with the Trust and Management a couple of days later and their report was very favourable. One of the review objectives was to assess whether we as a Centre have a sustainable future.  Their remarks were very encouraging, as at least one of the reviewers had been out here on past occasions.  She could recall how close we and other rural centres were to perhaps having to close the doors.  Our debts were high and the prospect of clearing them was unforeseeable.  But we had a vision and promise from The Lord, and at times that is all we had.  I remember Dave McPherson telling me that his vision as he stood on the Board of Trustees at Oxford Area School was to turn the bus around that was taking kids out of Oxford for schooling, and fill it with kids coming to O.A.S.   Eventually the school experienced such a turn around that it in 1993 (approximately) it won The Best Area School in N.Z. Award. You could say the tide had definitely turned.

    In the light of this recent and encouraging ERO review, I would like to thank all the past and present staff, managers, supervisors, trust members, mums and dads, volunteers of all descriptions, who have hung in there, sacrificed time and effort, and believed in the vision God had given them, or simply served in the vision of others.  God's faithfulness has been truly awesome. And now we all get to look back and see some awesome fruits for your labour.  The two ERO ladies also remarked on how pleasant the atmosphere was.  They had a real sense that the teachers loved the kids and worked well as a team.  The tide has definitely turned for us as well, and we are excited for where God is leading us next.

    God Bless and have a great week.

    Greg Morris (Pastor)

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