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  • 5th August 2012

    Hello Church. By the time you read this we will be preparing ourselves to leave Turkey and cross over to Israel and join in with the YWAM team from Oxford in the "Old City" of Jerusalem. For the last two days we have been exploring the region of Cappadocia, visiting very early church's that have been dug as caves into the soft rock hillsides. The paintings that adorned their ceilings and walls still remain, some a thousand years old. The remains of 200 ancient Christian communities are here also, all underground and many levels deep. We visited one such "city" today, 4 levels of which are open to the public. Absolutely stunning. And it was so nice to get out of the heat. Only 18 degrees down there. We have had a few days of mid to high 40's but have handled them quite nicely. We have seen, learnt, and experienced so much here. A truly beautiful country filled with very friendly people. Love to you all. Greg and Joy

    Last Sunday night we had around 75 people attend our IMPACT YOUTH SERVICE.

    Thank you so much to everyone who came along to support us. These nights are designed and geared for our youth, but everyone is welcome to attend.

    We would encourage you to come along to the next one and check it out for yourself.

    Our team do a wonderful job of transforming the place ... gone are the chairs and in go the cushions, lights and screens, which all create a laid back and cozy place to hang out in. Thank you so much to Esther Hodgson & Julia James for your dedication in leading our Youth Worship Team:

    FUSION! They did a great job!

    Our aim for these monthly services is to provide a warm and welcoming environment for any young person to join us for a night of fun, upbeat worship, testimonies & down to earth speakers. Our focus is evangelism, equipping and transformation. We believe these services should leave an IMPACT on all who attend, and we are beginning to see God move powerfully through our Youth.

    Sixteen months ago we were asked, as part of our internship, if we would provide a bible study in our home for the youth. We started with 7, and now have up to 40 attend oxy gen youth group on Wednesday nights. This is when we get to go deeper... aside from crazy ice-breaker games and awesome food, we spend most of our evening looking into God's word for the answers to life's problems.

    This term, due to our numbers, we have split into two groups for the discussion time that follows the teaching. It has proven to be a good move, as we are going much deeper with the kids in our discussions.

    We just want to take this opportunity to thank our team of amazing leaders. We simply could not do this without them...Kyle Morris, Becky Morris, Chris Firkin, Emma Sellwood, Julia James & Michael Sellwood...

    "whoop whoop guys, you rock" Kimm & Bruce Youth Pastors

  • 19 August 2012

    Greetings All.

               We are beginning to really enjoy
    Israel. It took a bit to get used to the tension and apparent arrogance from some of the locals. Especially after the Turks being so warm and friendly.

              We have seen some great sites. The pool of
    Bethesda was special for me. We split up and prayed for some of the team. A girl we prayed for was healed of a scratch in her eye that meant she had not been able to wear contacts for two days. She was instantly healed. Contacts back in.
    Another lady was healed of food allergies. So far she is still eating everything she shouldn't.
    Thank you Lord Jesus.

    We walked through
    Hezzakiahs Tunnel yesterday. What an astounding piece of engineering, even by today's standards.We swam in the Dead Sea. 45 degrees .Water not much less. Loved En Gedi. 
    Joy and I went down to the wailing wall on Friday night to see the crowd. It was packed. Police blocked off certain roads. We had to take a longer way home. So much tension here at times.
    One thing I've learnt is that we don't really know what church politics are here in NZ.
    We have visited every site possible. Sweated gallons. Really starting to pick up what this place is about. On the outside you would wonder what is so special. Once inside it captivates you.

    Chris and Sus have been great for us older ones on tour, but Joy and I are exploring lots on our own now and has been exciting to see where The Lord leads us to and who. Had a great chat with a Muslim jewellery guy the other day. He has a brother living in NZ and married to a kiwi. We spoke at length. He suffered migraines, but fell short of letting us pray for him ( I felt there was an anointing to pray for healing) but he warned me not to use the name of Jesus, before I even asked if I could. I believe he sensed the moment too, but a spirit or stronghold blocked it immediately. We have seen him since and will see him again before we leave.

    Better go. They will be waiting for us shortly. Off to the
    Mount of Olives.

    Love to everyone.
    Greg and Joy

  • 22 August 2012

          Welcome all.

                  Joy and I arrived back on Monday from our sabbatical feeling very pleased to be home. Although it was only 39 days we were away for, and as much as we were having an amazing adventure meeting new people and seeing some incredible sights and cultures, by the end of it we were missing friends and family also. Thank you to everyone who welcomed us home with calls and text’s, and even a dinner. It made our return so special.

    We also made it back just two days before our eldest daughter’s birthday. She was pretty excited to see what we may have brought her back as a present.

    Kyle is somewhere in the Rockies in the north of Canada right now with his uncle (Joy’s brother). We haven’t heard from him for a while. That’s a good sign. It means he isn’t broke. I think he arrives home this Tuesday morning? (Joy’s not here to tell me exactly when).

    It’s been busy though since I’ve been back. For some unknown reason I was unable to completely down load my emails while overseas. Some countries were much worse than others. So upon arriving home my first download on Tuesday in the office was for 459 unread emails. They have taken a bit of sorting through. Hopefully I’ve replied to all the ones I needed to, but if not, please let me know.

    Maurice and Miriam, Jill and Richard Franklin, Barbara Griffiths and Bea Austin have been up to the Manifest Presence Conference in Auckland this week. I’m writing this Thursday morning so they should be winging it back very shortly. I know Maurice has been taking a knock health wise, as are many others in our community and church family. Please pray into this area. We have had a lot of incredible healings these past few years. People have testified and prayed faithfully for the sick. But we still continue to seek a higher level of breakthrough and anointing in this area. Jesus is Faithful. The one thing I have had re-inforced to me over and over again while I’ve been deep into Muslim nations is that there is no greater Name in Heaven or Earth, than the Name of Jesus, and the privilege we have to know it.

    Joy and I will be sharing this morning about some of our trip so I won’t mention too much here. But I would like to say are very grateful to Chris an Sus Donaldson for all their help, guidance and hospitality, in Israel and Turkey. To Julie Anna and Jeremy of YWAM for letting us join in on the schools tour of Israel and making sure we were had everything we needed. And to Jenny in Indonesia who opened our eyes wide to the drastic needs of what I now call “real poverty”. And of course thank you for to the church for letting us go, and to all those who filled in the gaps while we were away.

    Bless you all and have a great week

    Greg Morris (Pastor)

    P.S. What happened to the Warriors while away?

  • 28 August 2011

    We are in the process of rebuilding the Theophostic Prayer Ministry in our church.  Joy Morris has agreed to accept the

    responsibility for the team and we are reforming a team to help people using this wonderful mind renewing tool.  Watch this space and we will keep you posted, if anyone is needing ministry please contact Joy.

    A question was asked of us recently;  How come some people who have received a lot of Theophostic can behave so badly or immaturely as Christians?   It is a good question and to answer it one needs to understand what produces maturity as a believer as opposed to relief from emotional pain and bondage.  All ministry of the Holy Spirit is intended to set the believer free from the bondage of lies and demons so they can make life changing choices.  God will in His love speak truth into our hearts, revealing Himself and set us free to walk out of our sin and pain.  That is the main effect and purpose of Theophostic and it has been very effective at this.   To use myself as an example (who knows, they may have meant me) a number of years ago an unfortunate set of circumstances stirred up a lot of emotional pain in my life.  I did a lot of Theophostic which identified and dealt with my roots of rejection and poor self worth.  I then found myself in a place where I had peace but the perceived offender had not changed one bit.  I was still quite resentful of their behaviour and cavalier approach to ethics and truth and they basically didn't give a hoot.  Now this is something Theophostic will not touch, this is a question of choice, I could choose to forgive and let God do what He desires or I could extract revenge, it was within my power to hurt them.  It took a long time for God to deal with me, I wasn't that mature.  He showed me I needed to forgive them and some others.  He showed me that it was hindering a physical healing in my life.

    Choosing to forgive, choosing to go to the cross produces maturity and the fruit of the Spirit.  Things like revenge and the indulgence of hatred and unforgiveness is of the Kingdom of Darkness and will be a cancer in your soul which will become evident in your spiritual life and lifestyle.  I am sure if I had not forgiven, it may have taken years but I would have died spiritually.   It seems so difficult and unjust but that is God's way, His kingdom is love and forgiveness.  He will only tolerate childish immaturity for so long and like a good Father He then requires us to grow up and live for His glory, not our self indulgence.

    There is an irrefutable law in scripture, "What you sow is what you will reap" that law is relentless.  You sow weeds you do not reap grain.  If you are sowing unforgiveness, gossip, lies, undermining God's work then you will reap death unless you repent.  If you deny self, forgive and support what God is doing you are sowing righteousness.  I have learnt Christianity is not about my personal comfort or justice or me, me, me, or  I, I ,I, but about Christ and I being crucified with Him.

    I hope that answers the question.

    I should mention also that this does not excuse criminal or abusive behaviour which should be reported.  The Elders should be told if you know someone is in trouble and getting worse, we are here to help and to heal.

    Have a blessed week, we are thinking of you in the heat of Israel.


    Pastor Maurice

  • 14 August 2011

    After the service last Sunday we joined the worship team in a shared lunch to thank Richard and Jan Hines for their contribution to church life over the last 10 or so years.  Jan will be with us for the next 6 weeks before she travels to join up with Richard in Abu Dhabi where they will be for the next couple of years, working for an English language school.  We expressed our thanks for the contribution they made in a very real way in church life and how they will be greatly missed.  We wish them well in this new venture and know it will be a step up for them in their walk with the Lord.

    Please pray for the music group at this time, we need more musicians to replace those who have left.  If you can play an instrument then please talk to Gary and Annette, they will appreciate any contribution people can make (almost any).

    Greg and I have been in Hanmer at a Pastors retreat, we stayed one night and had two days of fellowship and teaching which is always great.  Miriam has been in Christchurch looking after Grace so never missed me.

    Barbara has seen Oscar explode in numbers recently, she has over 60 children on the books which is a huge contrast to the way things have been.  When I last spoke with her she said the money was still coming in and she was steadily climbing towards the goal.  It is wonderful to see God working.  Time is coming up to the wire as Friday is the departure day to Israel for us.

    Greg has been sharing some of his plans for the preaching while we are away, it sounds like you are in for a treat. This Sunday we will be having Johannes Balzer, the Executive Director of Interserve speaking, he will be speaking into Missions, he has been speaking at YWAM locally and will bless you all.

    You may not be aware but Julie Philpott has been very ill in Uganda, the final diagnosis was malaria with bronchial pneumonia.  She was transferred to Kampala the main city to an International Hospital who were able to treat all the symptoms.   She was very sick a week ago so please thank everyone for their prayers.  They are flying to Dar es Salaam on Monday and she will have some time to recover.  Please continue to pray for a complete recovery, the illness could well have been fatal but for God's grace.

    We met with the Sunday School Leaders on Tuesday night as they are keen to break through with the children with worship and the Spiritual Gifts.  We prayed for them all and God touched them so they can now pray for the children in turn.

    Have a very blessed week, Miriam, Jenny, Barbara and I leave on Friday for Dubai then Amman Jordon.  Please pray for safety and for God's grace on all, especially for me as I guide the trip.

    God's Richest Blessings

    Pastor Maurice

  • 07 August 2011

    Last week we enjoyed soup after church and many went out to the lounge to partake. It was a great success and I understand $500+ was raised for Barbara which makes a dent in what she needs to go to Israel.   I hope nobody misunderstood when we allowed her to promote what she is doing.  It is truly a faith venture, the Holy Spirit came to her and initiated her going to Israel with Miriam and I.  He confirmed it a number of times but she was found without the funds to go.  After different people including family gave her some gifts and she sold some treasures, she had just on half what was needed.  At intercessors the Holy Spirit moved in intercession for her and I realized I needed to tell the church which releases God to speak to people if He wants them to play a part.  This has been a huge stretch for Barbara to trust and believe God in it all.  We have watched her being stretched in faith and trust through OSCAR which has been financially broke a number of times and hugely stretched her ability to trust God for the finance.  She has grown through it all and been so faithful to the calling, she has not just given up and run away.  She knows there is some divine purpose which will bless this church as well in her going.

    The same happened to Miriam and I in 1980 when we were in a similar position with no money, a young family and God telling us to go to Israel.  We saw every need met in amazing ways and found ourselves working with prophets and intercessors in Jerusalem, and what are our giftings? that was where it all began for us.

    I received news last week that Julie Philpott was in hospital in Uganda with blood poisoning or Malaria, they were not sure then. She was recovering and I have not heard any further news so keep on praying that she will have a full recovery.

    We welcome  Barry and Judy Inch  back from YWAM outreach,  they have  been throughout  New Zealand  with  the

    Father Heart school.  It is great to see them back in the church once again and looking for more adventures.

    Our new lawn looks just great, the grass is growing on the new part so it will soon have the fence down, officially we are getting into Spring although this is usually the coldest part of winter.  I have been enjoying the new car park and I am sure the cleaners have been enjoying it also with no mud on the carpets.

    Greg is preaching today to finish off the book of John and I know you will enjoy as we always do.

    Have a very blessed week


    Pastor Maurice

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