Friday, September 22, 2017
  • 10 June 2012

    This week I have been receiving the feedback on Hanmer retreat, so far it has been very positive which is encouraging for us. What has been happening is completely without president that I know of and seems to be the talk of the movement. God has been visiting the Pastors at Hanmer for 4 years now and the same powerful anointing is at each meeting. We have seen tired and discouraged Pastors touched and filled with the Spirit, this has been very not Baptist. What amazes me is how God sneaked it in the back door by causing a group of us to hold a private retreat which just grew and grew under the radar till it was so established nobody could challenge it. It is not that they wouldn't want to see the Pastors touched, they just have no experience in this type of meeting.

    For Miriam and I personally it has been very rewarding how be it very late in our ministry. We have always been well received in churches and groups who welcome the work of the Holy Spirit but regarded as a little out there by most Baptist Pastors. I actually have heard comments that what God has done at Oxford is an exception to the way things should be done and not to be taken seriously. Suddenly it has all turned around and it looks like we are on the brink of a big change in attitude and direction. The dominant core value of our movement has been academic study, for the past 30 years at least God has been balancing that value with the gifts and ministries of the Spirit which will take us into the community as well as heal the body of the church. That is why Hanmer is touching people so deeply, anywhere else they will have a speaker present some deep issue for them to muse on. This hardly helps you when you are so tired and worn out you are ready to give up.

    Another benefit has been the growth in our people who have attended. We took quite a large team as they served the leaders by running the kitchen, leading worship, Rachel Taylor was quite outstanding in the prophetic song, our intercessors were working with the prayer team, Greg and Joy ministered to many present. The other Oxford leaders were on the floor at various stages, Gary and Annette Shaskey unstintingly served in music sometimes playing for up to 4 or 5 hours at a time.

    Miriam and I along with the ministry team were so grateful to them all, they were true ambassadors of Christ and the Oxford Church.

    Well stay close to the heater this week, winter is well and truly here, the only happy ones are the YWAM Snowboarders.

    Have a great week,

    Blessings Pastor Maurice

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