Friday, September 22, 2017
  • 06 May 2012

    I have just been on the phone to Larry Rios Brook to connect him with Radio Rhema and Shine TV as they wish to do interviews with Linda Rios Brook on radio and TV. I think next Friday morning Shine will broadcast the interview. Miriam felt when we invited them others would pick them up and promote them for the future.

    I am feeling so proud of the church at the moment on how well the Conference went. The Brooks were amazed on how a Baptist country church was able to present such a well run conference. They also commented on the maturity of the people and our team. When international speakers give us 10 out of 10 and were still telling me that when I called them, then we can feel pleased we did a good job. It is so important for the details to be taken care of when you are in another country, strange food, strange customs, jet lag, so many factors can affect you, so we were pleased we made it so easy for them.

    We have yet to debrief, we can see some gaps we need to fill, times between some sessions were very long, the tents a little sparse, some people had too much lunch, a few had very little left. These are just minor details we can address. The main point is the ministry was of a high standard, she was an outstanding speaker and also very anointed. We are believing the "Red Anointing" will abide in some so they can be effective in the work place. I was commenting that when I had such a powerful encounter under her ministry at Colorado Springs, I came back to Oxford and shortly after that initiated the forward planning for buildings on which we have just finished stage one. I give credit to the impartation of that anointing from God to give me the faith to think that far ahead.

    We will run more Conferences in the future, we will be waiting on God however for His direction as to what, when and who should speak. I must give the credit to Miriam however for initiating this Conference and convincing everyone that Linda was the right speaker to get. Also because she had heard from God, her persistence in pursuing the invitation and working through all of the problems which would hinder them coming, thank you Miriam, well done.

    So much was done by so many we are bound not to have noticed all the helpers, so please accept our thanks and gratitude for your efforts, it does not go unnoticed by the Lord.

    Have a very wonderful week, you would have noticed Suzanne Pillans is speaking 7pm on the 20th May, remember she has a healing ministry and will be praying for the sick.


    Pastor Maurice

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