Friday, September 22, 2017
  • 28th April 13

    Last week we had a fantastic time with Ken Winton, the morning service was great but in the afternoon with the music group and people into prayer it was a real introduction to a new way of praying. Ken taught the International House of Prayer style of combining worship and prophetic proclamation. As we began to catch what he was teaching the Holy Spirit turned up in power and we went to another level where people were being delivered, released and healed during the worship.
    At one stage Betty Womsley as a 92 year old was praying over a long line of people and many were falling under God's power including some of our older dignified members. We finished the meeting at 5.30pm after starting at 2pm, feeling very encouraged with what God is doing with us.
    Next March Ken will be back in New Zealand, we will look at holding a conference using him and in the meantime we will work on the worship and prophetic proclamation with the worship team.
    It was not all good news, after we dropped Ken off in Christchurch I had a lapse of concentration at an intersection and an oncoming car crashed into my left front wheel. Car towed away to hospital, nobody injured fortunately. We had to postpone our holiday for a couple of days but managed a short break after the Hyland's kindly offered a car on loan.
    I am looking forward to hearing Juddy this morning, he has a real message for families, Rachel is planning a real faith journey to Switzerland to train as a teacher for family ministries. The Mission Team feel to back her, we will tell you more at a later date.
    Iain Froud has decided to step into Kim Moore's shoes and lead the Youth Group, Kim has left a healthy group of about 40 - 50 Kids which is a real tribute to her and Bruce's devotion to the ministry. When they took it over it was virtually non existent with only about 3 young people left and now we have a real foundation in place to build on. Kim has expressed a desire to be involved again some time in the future, so remember pray for her and Bruce. It is very demanding and quite sacrificial to be in Christian leadership, critics are never lacking in number so remember to thank the Moore's personally.
    Russell has been building shelves in the storage shed, things are becoming quite orderly and tidy. Plans are proceeding with the new storage cupboards on the back of the Youth Hall. You may have noticed the blue chairs with the arms are missing, we sold them to an old persons home in Rangiora as they were non stacking and took up a lot of room.
    Have a very blessed week
    Blessings Pastor Maurice

  • 21st april 2013

    A warm welcome today to Pastor Ken Winton from the House of Prayer at Chico California.
    Ken will be preaching this morning as part of his New Zealand trip. We wish him well for the remainder of his stay in this country.

    Kimm and Bruce Moore have stepped down from leading the Youth Group after 3 years of faithful service. Bruce has returned to work having finished his Bible School Course and Kimm has decided with the pressures of family to take a break. We are indebted to them as they stepped in at the last minute to take over a Youth Group that had run down to a handful of young people. They have finished up taking the largest group to Easter Camp ever for this church some 58 youth and 14 leaders. Well done guys, we have appreciated your devotion to the call. We have no doubt that you will emerge again in a role in the future.

    William Turnbull is in the process of launching the Course "Courageous Men" the course comes highly
    recommended and it seems a great opportunity for the men to build together and have quality support and

    We have had a lot of feedback over preaching through 1Timothy, we have tackled some subjects that
    sensible men avoid. However the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.
    Don't think we are preaching on this because we feel there are particular problems with women, false teaching and Elders, it just happens to be the subject matter in the book.

    I will be following on next week so head down and praying.

    Have a great week, the weather man reassures us there are still more warm days.
    Blessings Pastor Maurice

  • 14th april 2013


    Well winter has been closing in, we lit the log burner a couple of times last week despite the weather man telling us more warm weather was coming soon.
    We have been taking in the last registrations for the Hanmer retreat which happens on the 20th May.
    Last year we were snowed in under several feet of snow which made for an interesting time.

    Next Sunday we are having a guest from the States, Ken Winton who leads the House of Prayer at
    Chico California. Ken has written a book "Remember Who You Are" which reminds people of their place "In Christ"
    Ken will speak in the morning service and we may be able to arrange a meeting with intercessors and prayers, we will advise on Sunday.

    There is a huge emphasis on prayer and intercession in these days, so Ken's visit could be timely for us and the prayer in this church. I know some of the intercessors are finding they are carrying a heavy burden in prayer these days. It seems that God is digging up spiritual boulders or obstacles in the church and in peoples lives. Some things have been buried for years and it seems they are obstructing God's purposes and have to be removed.

    Sometimes in our sophisticated world we can overlook the fact that the Spirit World is around us. God's Spirit works in that realm which controls the natural order of things. Also demonic strongholds and spirits attempt to do the same. When we learn to cooperate with the Holy Spirit in prayer and warfare then these hindrances are dealt with and the Kingdom of God advances. Greg will be preaching today on some of the demonic delusions which controlled the minds of unbelievers in the ancient world. The Early Church had to break these powers so the church could grow, it is no different today for all of us as we seek to see personal growth and the growth of God's Kingdom in Oxford. Blessings Pastor Maurice

  • Pastors comment 7th April

    Good morning everyone...

    We have to start this week's Pastor's comment off by praising God for the incredible weather He turned on for us at
    Easter Camp this year! Five sun filled days set the scene for us to spend quality time with all our amazing youth.

    We could not have done it without our epic team of leaders who sacrificed their time, money and energy to invest into the next generation of leaders. BIG shout out to... Becky Morris, Kyle Morris, Jesse Moore, Brendan Johnson, Julia James, Esther Hodgson, Olivia Hodgson, Emma Sellwood, Chris Firkin and our Youth Group Parents... Barbara Griffiths and Carolyn & James Smith. THANK YOU so much!!

    We took a record number this year, totalling 73 (55 youth, 14 leaders and 4 children).
    This year we went with a real expectancy to see the Holy Spirit move, and we were not disappointed. Saturday night was
    amazing...a number of our youth made first time commitments to follow Jesus, others rededicated their lives, while others who have yet to make a commitment got to see the Holy Spirit at work, which opened the door to great conversations. Our leaders were also impacted powerfully and once again we had security checking in on us due to Holy Spirit laughter.

    Before leaving for camp I was asked what my strategy was for my leaders, especially with so many community youth attending. My answer was simple; love the youth that God continues to bring in. That's family; we love each other through the good and the bad. We would just like to say a BIG thank you to all of you, OUR church family. We could not have done it without your love, support, financial gifts and most importantly your prayers.

    The Holy Spirit is working deeply in the lives of our future leaders, drawing in the lost and equipping the saved.
    Blessings... Bruce & Kimm Moore Youth Leaders

  • 31st March


    Welcome to our Easter celebration as we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.
    As Paul wrote in his letter to Corinth, "If in this life only we have hope in Christ, we are of all men most miserable".
    The resurrection sets Christianity apart from all other faiths in this world, Jesus is alive as speaks to His people and church today.
    You would have seen in the glass entrance the Easter display by all of the church Community Ministries.
    Congratulations to Ignite Children's Church, the inspiration and leadership of Tony and Tamar Hylands and the exceptional creativity on the part of the various ministries, well done all.

    The Youth Group departed to Easter Camp on Thursday with a record number of Young people attending, 57 Youth with 14 brave leaders, well done guys, we look forward to hearing the stories.
    Most of the Youth attending were unchurched so please pray for God to work powerfully. On Wednesday a team of guys went down to the camp to pitch the tents ready to receive everyone, the weather was damp so hopefully the
    weekend has been great as per the forecast.
    Last week Miriam and I flew up to Nelson to speak at the Nelson Baptist Pastors gathering and Miriam ran a
    workshop on the ministry of intercession on Thursday night. The meetings went very well, we were well received and I managed to sell off 11 books. We enjoyed a great time of fellowship and were able to speak into a number of
    God is going very deep into peoples lives at this time.
    We have had very positive feedback from the sermons Greg and I preached on women in ministry, we hopefully will have some testimonies.
    Let me know if you have a story. Sometimes when things don't seem to make sense in the Bible, it is because it has been translated according to the culture or worldview of the translators not the view or intention of the writers.
    In all of that I don't want you to lose confidence in the English Bible, it is only the odd instance where a little confusion has come in. As we have explained, you spot them because they are slightly out of step with the rest of scripture, that is your cue to do some study and research and check out why.
    Have a great week and enjoy the remains of the Summer.
    Blessings Pastor Maurice

  • 29 April 2012

    I would like to welcome visitors this morning as I am sure some from the conference have stayed over. Also as a church we extend a very big welcome to our conference speakers Linda and Larry Rios Brook. It is such an honour for us as a church to have you come to Oxford and bless us with the anointing you both carry. We strongly believe in cross pollination within the body of Christ and trust that the deposit you will leave with us will produce good fruit within New Zealand.

    We also pray the Lord's blessings on Larry and Linda as they travel onto Wellington and Auckland to minister there. May this be the first fruits of other visits down under.

    We are so grateful for the many people who have devoted a lot of time and effort towards the success of this Conference. The hours of planning and prayer, the time and effort freely given to serve and organize all for the glory of God.

    The positions in the office have been filled, we have decided to appoint Kris Trousselot as Church Manager/Treasurer, subject of course to the approval of the church for the position of Treasurer. She brings a wealth of experience from the business world and has had a good grounding in Christian life. Kris has been working with Miriam over recent years and has grasped the vision God has given for Oxford. We look forward to fruitful times as the church enters a new stage.

    Our fortnightly intercessors meetings have been very positive and exciting this year. We find the Holy Spirit leading us to pray for a new day and for new things which are upon us. The year has been just flashing by but so far we have seen some growth and some amazing breakthroughs in peoples lives. We are very confident about the future and the preparation within the church. Personal growth is very rarely a pleasant experience as it always involves change and the battles we fight with ourselves over leaving behind the comfortable and familiar.

    A good sign that things are alive and well is the emergence of new leaders with passion for serving Jesus. Where we go in the future will depend on the personal growth of people as they step up and take responsibility.

    I trust that this conference has been a positive step forward for many.

    Have a great week


    Pastor Maurice

  • 22 April 2012

    This week has been very busy as we run up to the Conference. We have been so grateful for the team around us and how capable they have been. I know next week is going to be a fantastic success because of all the prayer and preparation that has taken place. This is something completely new for us to bring in a speaker from overseas, it has been a big step of faith which is reassuring as faith is initiated by God Himself, so we know beyond doubt the Lord is with us. Make sure you are well organized for the weekend and well prepared in your heart for what God is going to bring.

    It was so thrilling last weekend to hear the testimonies from Easter Camp and to hear how the young people were able to meet with God. What happened there is what we are believing to happen at the Conference. People went to Easter Camp well prepared by the Youth Meetings where God has been coming in power. They went expecting to receive and were not disappointed. It was also quite amazing to hear Adam's testimony of texting people and that transferred the anointing for gold dust onto them. It was even more amazing when a non Christian girl received gold dust and that was the revelation of Jesus to her which motivated her to yield her life to Him.

    We wish to thank all those who submitted an application for the Office and Treasurer's duties. As you know Albert and Nancy are returning to Auckland to be with family. We have so appreciated them in the years they have been with us. Nancy has involved herself in groups and Albert has used his vast experience in church life to establish some healthy systems in the office and church.

    We have decided to replace Albert with Kris Trousselott, Kris brings a considerable experience with business and finance. She understands organizations and teams and has been a project manager in building projects. She will be starting with Albert next week to learn the systems and her appointment as Secretary/Treasurer will be ratified at the midyear church meeting. We have known her for many years and have developed a deep trust between us. She will run the Office which includes finance and start to develop the position as the Church Manager responsible for the smooth running of the whole operation.

    Have a great week as you look forward to a milestone at Oxford Baptist.


    Pastor Maurice

  • 15 April 2012

    Good Morning everyone...

    Easter Camp do we condense 5 incredible days into this week's Pastors comment??

    Praising God for the AMAZING weather is a good place to start! We stand in awe of the incredible privilege that it is to serve our youth. God is good.

    We had such an outpouring of the Holy Spirit over us as a group, that we could not contain it. There was Holy Spirit laughter, people rolling around on the floor, drunk in the Spirit, and that started with the LEADERS!! Being told by security at 1am to keep the noise down just set everyone off again, it was hilarious!

    A number of our youth made a first time commitment to follow Jesus and many rededicated their lives to the Lord. Many were touched by the Holy Spirit and received breakthrough, healing and freedom. God was indeed doing a deep & mighty work in our midst. The worship & speakers were outstanding, the messages challenging us to step up and get real with God.

    Our group this year totalled 46, (36 youth, 8 leaders and 2 children). We want to say a HUGE thank you to our amazing team of leaders... Iain Froud & Julia James (Camp Parents), Kyle Morris, Chris Firkin, Becky Morris & Esther Hodgson. You guys made our job a breeze. Thank you to everyone who prayed for us over the weekend, and for those who continue to hold up our amazing youth. Also thanks to those who helped us to set up camp, we couldn't have done it without you all.

    Thank you to our church family, for your financial support in buying sausages, pine cones, coming to the movie night, the slave auction and all your generous donations. You all helped to make EC a great success this year. Our biggest thanks go to the Youth themselves!! They did us proud. Once again we saw them work together as a family, praying for one another, building deeper friendships. We are so excited about what God has in store for our future leaders. Watch this space.


    Kimm & Bruce Moore

    Youth Pastors

  • 8 April 2012

    This week with the finish of daylight saving, the air seems to have taken a cue for winter and noticeably cooled. We have been making sure things like firewood and home improvements are up to date. The leaves are turning and winter is just round the corner so they say. I noticed Russell and Wes using the new safe church raised platform to renew the spouting on the South side of the building. It looks like the end of the ladder adventures, we are becoming so respectable and compliant. I have to confess I am enjoying the new facilities, everything works and is comfortable, no more shingle and pot holes, you all have done a wonderful job.

    The Youth Group have been very busy over recent weeks, preparing for Easter Camp. With a large group attending and our new tents, it is going to be a huge success. The activity of the Holy Spirit has been increasing in the church over recent months. We heard Kimm testify on Sunday how God is powerfully touching the young people. To know God you need to encounter God, the knowledge of God is deeper than information, the knowledge of God is communicated by the Holy Spirit by revelation. Sometimes He uses words to communicate that knowledge, often it is by other means.

    We have seen a few more registrations come in this week for our conference, numbers are now up to 113, so pray for more as we are looking to 200 to attend. As Miriam and I said this is all about impartation not information. People carry anointing God has given them which enables them to effectively do things, they can transfer that anointing to other people as God directs. If you place yourself under Linda Rios Brook's ministry with the right attitude of heart then God can do just that and you will receive.

    I thought Greg's story of the mouse riding the elephant through the river and commenting about what a huge wave they made together was indicative of the Oxford journey. Nobody could take credit for the wave God created here, but He has taken us along for the ride, so much so we can suspect that somehow it was our work. God raises up Christian organizations for one reason and one reason alone, to glorify His name through His Son Jesus Christ, the head of His Church. If we stray in our motives and lose sight of the purpose of God, then this place could become an empty monument to what God once did. I think of the Temple of Solomon at the time of Jeremiah the prophet. Jerusalem the most beautiful city with the Temple as it's crowning glory. Pride entered their hearts, they turned away from God and the Babylonians came as Jeremiah predicted and destroyed the city. Jesus predicted the same treatment on the Temple in His day and the Romans destroyed it in 70AD.

    God will do what it takes to get our attention if we turn away from the purpose of why we exist as a fellowship. Let's give Him all the glory and honour and praise and pray that this Spirit continues on here for more than a 100 years.

    I hope you are having a spiritual Easter as well as enjoying family.

    Have a great week.


    Pastor Maurice

  • 01 April 2012

    Welcome everyone

    I'm very pleased to able to tell you that Maurice's eye operation went very well. I know eye surgery has developed considerably over the last decade or so, but even so it is still a relief when everything goes to plan. It was great to see him back in the office in such a short time. Especially as I was still in recovery mode after spending last weekend leading a men's camp on behalf of Ashburton Baptist Church. This was the second year running so I had the benefit of knowing a lot of the men by their first name at least. It was quite full on. We added in an extra work shop to the format this year based on personal intercession, which was probably the high light for many of the men as they heard from The Lord in a new way. This was crucial for them to move onto the next evening session, where we held a workshop for the prophetic. I did what I usually do and stand in the middle of a circle and have them prophesy over me, so I can give them encouraging feed back as we move around the circle one by one. All were accurate. Some were exactly what I had written down for myself in intercession that afternoon.

    Easter is upon us already. Bruce and Kim Moore will of course be completely focused on Easter Camp for the next week. It is a huge undertaking to lead this kind of ministry and they will be in need of some practical help. Next Wednesday there will be a contingency of volunteers meet here in the Church car park ready to leave by 1pm, and head off down to Spencer Park. If you are able to help with setting up the camp site then your help would be very much appreciated. It is mainly to help with the marquee tents, so the more the merrier.

    The numbers of youth attending the camp with OBC is now grown to 45 youth. Eleven of these are from the community. Bruce and Kim have done a wonderful job growing the Youth Ministry in such a short time and I can't commend the leaders of all the various ministries enough. We really are blessed in this church with so many willing and able leaders. Staying with youth group at the moment though, last Wednesday night the Moore's had 34 kids in their home plus other leaders. God is working deeply in many of these young people. The testimonies of God's manifestations during these home groups is something else to hear, so it is no wonder their house is packed out week after week. I'd encourage you to take the time to ask the youth or leaders what happens when God turns up. You'll be blessed and encouraged at the very least.

    Congratulations are in order to Juddy Taylor, who has just been voted onto Oxford Area School's Board of Trustees. Bless you Juddy for volunteering your time efforts, and being willing to serve the community at this level.

    May I wish you all a great Easter weekend. I encourage you to take the time to reflect on the God's amazing love.

    Romans 5:8 NKJV (8) But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

    Bless you all

    Greg Morris (Pastor)

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