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  • Pastors comment 23rd Dec 2012

    Special Christmas Blessings to You All,

    Home again and what a wonderful place to return to after 3 weeks in the States. When we travel we do so at the prompting of the Holy Spirit so there is always the anticipation of all that God is going to do. We spoke for 2 weeks at Dayton and it was at a strategic time at the YWAM Base and at Christ's Church where changes were being prayed through. Maurice has given you some of the details but I want to add that it is a tremendous privilege to go into a para church and church and speak into the leadership bringing our experience, understanding and prophetic encouragement, into change and forward planning.Again we were impressed with the sacrifice and commitment of God's people into building his Kingdom and the enormous challenge that it requires. On all fronts we were very well received.

    We took a break and visited Niagara Falls, New York with a stop over in San Francisco before touching down at Christchurch Airport. The chilly air, squirrels scampering in Central Park, the homeless in San Francisco were but a few of the contrasts of the northern hemisphere. We were excited to return and wonderful to connect with Greg and Joy, church folk and all the Christmas preparations needed to serve 16 for Christmas dinner. Our families had mowed the lawns and put up our Christmas tree and Gretha had done a great job watering our garden and collecting our mail.It certainly made for a welcoming home-coming!

    Christmas presents us again, the opportunity to honour Jesus in amongst all the celebrations and gift giving and remember what a wonderful God we worship. I hope you will all capture something fresh and life-changing as you focus on Him. We look forward to this Sunday being in church and meeting up with you all and welcome the 'Celebration Christmas Lunch' today to do this.

    Jesus... is the Gift the keeps on Giving, Jesus... is the Greatest Gift Of All.

    Isaiah 9:6-7
    For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders.
    And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.
    Of the increase of his government and peace there will be no end. He will reign on David's throne
    and over his kingdom, establishing and upholding it with justice and righteousness from that time on and forever. The zeal of the Lord Almighty will accomplish this.

    Our Love and Blessings,

  • Pastors comment 16th December

    Greetings from Dayton Ohio as the winter is holding off and we are experiencing warm weather. Today we finished the lectures with YWAM, we fly out tomorrow and intend to take a short break before returning home. The two weeks have gone very well but have also been very intensive so we are quite tired. I have sold off 35 books which is great, one Baptist group intend to use it as the basis for a Bible Study so that will be interesting.
    I was on the phone to the missionary mom of one of the students, she was quite concerned about all this falling down stuff. We had what seemed to be a very profitable chat, the family seems to be on a journey spiritually.
    We have been staying with Paul and Jennifer Santoro who pastor "Christchurch" fellowship, believe it or not. We preached into their church and spoke at midweek meetings, our visit seemed to coincide with a difficult patch they are in so it seemed we were very encouraging for them. The whole timing of the visit has been great all round.
    I have managed to avoid any major driving incidents, no terrified locals on the wrong side of the road.
    Many thanks to all of you who have prayed and supported, we felt your prayers and it has been quite an intensive time of intercession.
    We have missed the church and are looking forward to returning home to ya awll.
    With Christmas approaching and family time we are anxious to return.
    I know all will have gone well with Greg and Joy, we will see you when we arrive back Tuesday week I think.
    God's Richest Blessing
    Pastors Maurice and Miriam

  • pastors comment 9th Dec 12

    Miriam and I have arrived safely after surviving long haul flights which are always a test for me but fortunately we scored an excit row which has lots of legroom. Since arriving in Dayton we have been very busy teaching at the base and also catching up with Shane and Tara. They are a very busy family now with three children and all of the responsibilities they carry. Paul and Jen the Pastors of Shanes church are hosting us which is light years ahead of the YWAM base. We have had the opportunity to speak into the church.and as it has worked out our visit has been very timely and we have been able to use our gifts to help them through a difficult patch. We have so enjoyed their company as well as their very comfortable house.
    The weather when we arrived was sitting round zero centigrade which is a little nippy but it has improved over the last couple of days and is round 18c. We are hoping it will continue at that level as they can experience arctic like weather. I am preaching on Sunday so hope I can speak a word into their church which will bless them.
    They have turned us loose in their truck so with the vital help of a GPS we have been finding our way around and staying on the right side of the road which we know is really the left side. I guess when in America do what the Americans do.
    Our sleep patterns are finally settling down and we have adjusted to the time zone, however we have carried quite an intense burden of intercessory prayer which keeps you awake. I was working with a person with Theophostic prayer and I actually dropped off to sleep twice, fortunately waking almost straight away....I think. It would be awful to wake and see the chair in front of you empty.!!
    Thankyou for your prayers and support, it is quite intensive especially in prayer, but it is great to know God has gone before you and you are where He wants you to be.
    I know you all will be enjoying Greg and Joy and preparing for the approach of Christmas.
    May God richly bless you all, we miss Oxford and the wonderful church people.
    Blessings Maurice and Miriam from Dayton USA

  • Pastors Comment 2nd Dec 2012

    Welcome all

    It has been a long process but the lighting bars have been installed and the required wiring added in the ceiling to take all the new lights. Hopefully by this morning the lights themselves have been installed. The youth Service is tonight so having the lights up would be a terrific way for the OXY team to end their services for 2012. The lights have been held up in customs while we sort out a few technicalities. There are no extra fees or costs involved with customs beyond the norm, but since our purchase amount has exceeded one thousand dollars we apparently needed to tick a few extra boxes for them. That being done our new lighting is now at least imminent.

    Maurice and Miriam have been away a little over a week now and I haven’t heard anything from them as yet. That will no doubt mean they are very busy with their teaching at YWAM Ohio. They were looking forward to this trip very much. Teaching on, and helping people to experience The Holy Spirit is as you know one of Maurice and Miriam’s favourite things to do in life. As much as they will be enjoying themselves travel and teaching can be quite tiring. Intercession is continually on Miriam and that in itself can be very demanding of time, sleep and energy. Like all of us, they too appreciate being held up in prayer. So please pray that they will have a very fruitful time.

    The Father Heart conference held last weekend was a great success. All of those who attended that I’ve spoken to have had a deeper revelation of The Fathers love for them on a personal level. I’ve underlined personal because it can it is usually a lot easier for people to understand God’s love for someone else, but misinterpreted experiences can leave one feeling as though you have been “looked over”. Or just the busyness of life leaves overtakes the much needed quiet times with The Lord.

    I very much enjoyed Kelvyn and Karen’s Watkins ministry. I really enjoyed the soaking time with God.

    Bless you all and have a great week.

    Greg Morris (pastor)

  • Childrens Christmas Production

    Welcome to our Children's Christmas production, we know you are going to enjoy the service this morning.

    Our Children's Leaders have worked hard to produce something original but still being faithful to the truth of the message. We want to express our gratitude to the Children's Leaders who have shown a high degree of dedication and commitment to the call of God.

    A reminder also that Christmas Day is on a Sunday this year, the service will be at 10am and we are preparing a presentation that is very visitor friendly. You can safely bring your friends along and they will not be bored or disappointed.

    With half of our family travelling north this year for Christmas we are having a practice run on Christmas dinner, to include them a week before. This year is going to be a time of feasting for sure. With young grandchildren present, the action level goes up somewhat. I am having to force myself to play with toys etc, one must stay with it.

    Greg and I both plan to be around over Christmas, we will be taking leave in January with Greg going first on the 7th of January, I will follow on the 18th January. We will advise office times but I imagine it will be closed from Christmas through most of January 2012.

    I was on the phone this week talking with another Pastor over the hazards of the internet and he was sharing some of the security he had put in place, free of charge. We both felt the greatest incentive for people to stay clear of problems on the internet was the fear of being caught.

    He had discovered some free software available at that would email a report to a nominated person of inappropriate sites you visited. There was also free software available to protect your computer from most sites A stitch in time saves nine so they say.

    I was interested to see the latest figures on the numbers in churches around the country, which gives you an idea of how God is blessing Oxford. 32% of churches have less than 50 members, 30% have between 50-99, 16% between 100-149, 12% 150-199, 7% 200-299, and 3% more than 300 members. This does not include children or teens.

    Oxford Baptist has 160 adult members. This is not to make us feel smug but to be aware that God is doing something unique and special. Therefore a grave responsibility to preserve and protect what we have and to develop to our full potential in God's purpose rests on all of us.

    Have a really great week as you prepare for Christmas.

    Pastor Maurice

  • Christmas is Approaching

    We have just rolled over into December so Christmas is rapidly approaching. The Children's Church are preparing for next Sunday when they put on their production. It promises to be a real Christmas experience for us all. We have stepped out into the creative area all round and are hoping Christmas Day which falls on a Sunday this year will prove to be special.

    Next year we are gearing up for a first for us as we are hosting a conference and bringing in an internationally recognized speaker. A lot of work and prayer has already gone into this venture and I know there will be a lot more. We have invited Linda Rios-Brook as we feel she is going to bring an impartation to the New Zealand Church. We have made arrangements for her to do meetings with Hosanna Baptist in Wellington and Hillsborough in Auckland as well.

    You would have received in the post a flier advertising our Christmas program, this is an initiative of our Children's Department. It is an attractive and informative flier to the town, please pray that it is well received. The most effective invitation however is always the one-on-one to friends or neighbours. You could use your brochure as an invitation to a friend.

    Drawing nearer to Christmas is also a reminder to us of the fact that God committed Himself completely to the human family when Jesus became human like us. It is also a reminder that He involved people in the process, not just Mary in birthing Jesus, but in the exercise of faith by Joseph, Elizabeth, Zachariah and others who were part of the unfolding plan of God.

    None of the players were important, wealthy, or even particularly educated in the eyes of the world, but God partnered with them to redeem the human race from sin and death. Nothing has changed you know, God still partners with humans everywhere to bring about His plan. This Christmas listen to the voice of God, many people have suffered deeply over the past 12 months or so and just maybe God will partner with you to be a solution for them.

    Have a very blessed week and look for someone you can invite to come to the Children's Christmas show, they will not be disappointed.

    Pastor Maurice

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