Friday, September 22, 2017

4th June 2017

Greetings, it’s been a busy week with plenty going on.  I have taken up temporary residence in Greg’s office as mine is being painted by my good wife - what would I do without her!  It’s the last room in the office except the hallway to be painted, so we thought we would take advantage of the fact Greg is away, so I can move out and use his office allowing Beth to get stuck into it.

A number of the families who are planning on attending Kings Kids this year, are fundraising to help pay their fees. King’s Kids is an international youth movement involving young people from 140 nations. It is the children’s and teenager’s expression of Youth With A Mission.  They are running an outreach during the first week of the term break at YWAM Oxford.  So it’s a great cause to get behind.  Don’t forget to stay for lunch this morning and next Sunday—there is hot lovely soup and bread available after the service for a donation.  Thanks for your support.

Also next weekend, many of the youth are doing the 40hr famine.  We have plenty of packs still available if anyone else is keen to get involved and raise money for the kids in Syria.  It’s a great cause and an effective way where we can make a real difference.  Living in New Zealand can feel a very long way from Europe and the Middle East.  But we can make a difference.  If you are not doing the fast, then please support those that are through giving a donation.  All funds go to World Vision, and specifically the work they are doing in Syria helping refugees with no homes, no schools, and an uncertain future.  

This morning we have Jenny speaking to us.  I am looking forward to hearing her speak around missions.  It’s an area that God is stirring in many people, in and about the church about.  Greg & Joy are back in a weeks time from their tip overseas.  I am sure we will hear plenty of stories from the nations they have visited.  Do say hello to someone new this morning.  There are plenty of new faces as people continue to move out here and visit the church.  I still remember the first time I came to Oxford Baptist Church 10 years ago this month.  Ariana was only 6 months old and we arrived on a sunny day to a pot-luck lunch on the grass.  Those first impressions make such a difference, and here we are 10 years later!    

Enjoy the long weekend.

Blessings Iain.

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