Friday, September 22, 2017

28th May 2017

Good morning everyone, I hope you have all had a good week, thank you for all your birthday wishes from last Sunday. With Mother’s Day in the same month, May is a good time of year for me!

Our team has expanded this year, yay! We have had Rhiannon Spary and Ben Pfahlert join James and myself in the school. Ben and James concentrate solely on running the Rite Journey Boys program, which has now been in the school curriculum for 4 years. Rhi and I cover the remaining 22 hours per week in the school generally as well as running the Rite Journey for girls program each week.  In term 1, it was all about camps!  Firstly, we had the ‘Rite Journey’ boys and girls camps (60 students from year 9 & 10), Rhi and I took the girls to Hanmer Springs, and James and Ben took the boys to Waipara Camp. The aim was to give the students challenges, discuss relevant issues relating to their transition into adulthood, connecting with students and teachers, and learning to work in a team environment.  This is always a highlight for the year and it went really well.  We were also involved at Easter Camp, and the Iconz for girls camp (years 4-9) at Birch Hill

During the school lunchtimes, we run events such as zorb ball soccer, dodgeball competitions, and the most popular this year…..Oxford Ninja Warrior, which was a real hit with the year 7-9 students. 

We have also been mentoring/working closely with 8-10 students who are in need of a more ‘one-on-one’ support.  We work very closely with the school councillor, where we keep in touch about the students’ progress to see when we need to do more etc.

Rhi and I have attended a range of classes to try to make the most of getting to know students in an easy and fun way.  Teachers are so welcoming and love having us in their class; we really do feel part of the furniture now!  We love being in the school, and being able to play a part in students journey’s, the connections flow on to youth group too, it gets to the stage that you can’t walk down the street without stopping at least 3-4 times to chat to a youth about something!  Thank you for all your prayer and support, we have a great school and we love being a part of this ministry.

On another note,I have heard reports about last week’s mission poverty game, and that it went really well.  Here is Heathers sum up from the afternoon’s event:  ‘The Missions group was thrilled with the response of those who supported Jennie's Poverty Game last Sunday afternoon. About 70 people attended - a good mixture of ages. We were challenged with spaces to live, lack of paid work, scarcity of food ,and much else that is associated with slum living, many were shocked at how devious we could become when faced our own self-preservation.  It certainly caused many of us to think of those less fortunate than us.  Jennie will be following this up speaking to us as a congregation next Sunday.  As a group we are believing for the groundswell interest in Missions to continue here in OBC.

And lastly, the Kings Kids families are doing a soup/bread lunch fundraiser after church for the next 2 Sundays: 4th & 11th June. This is a great way to support them as well as meeting and connecting with people from our church over some nice hot soup J. Also there will be a men’s bake-off the following week, that should be interesting!

Blessing, Beth Froud (24/7 Team Leader).

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