Friday, September 22, 2017

21st May 2017

Good morning to everyone today

The long awaited Morris wedding has taken place, and the few snapshots that I’ve seen, have been to the back drop of snow capped mountain tops – true Canadian Rockies kinda stuff, stunning scenery and an equally gorgeous bridge and groom.   Greg and Joy certainly scrubbed up very well too and now all we can do is wait patiently for all the news to filter through.  Apparently Adams best man flew into Canada for wedding and then had to leave within 24hrs to return back to NZ for job commitments.  What an awesome best man that is! Dedication I’d say.  Becky’s foot is healing well and she is able to put more weight on it.  Greg tells me that they have done the touristy thing and have seen about twenty elk, a few deer, a bald eagle and best of all a moose.  Apparently most Canadians haven’t seen a moose in the wild, Brenda included, so everyone was over the moon with that.  Currently they are in Canmore which is 4300 feet above sea level and it is now snowing which by all accounts would be picturesque.   Hope Becky has a good sock to cover her toes with that moon boot!  Brr, chilly.  We look forward to all the tales that will be told when Greg & Joy  get home J

I’ve just brought in a church curriculum for Ignite – My Life Rulz.   I really believe the Lord wants us to help our children and this curriculum set will help us as leaders teach the very rules around life from a Christian worldview that will help build good emotional health in our young.   The outcome from this series is for the formation and development of good social and emotional health in our children’s formative years which will in turn result in emotional resiliences during their life.  Thereby greatly decreasing the likelihood of emotional struggles such as depression, anxiety, fear and suicidal thinking.    Unfortunately the emotional health of believers is often no better than those who have no faith – yet.  We can see this by the divorce rate, struggles with depression and anxiety, anger issues, blended families and other problems within our church community.   My Life Rulz is about intentionally helping young people build their minds on absolute truths.  The ‘rulz’ are wisdom and powerful insights that teach the mind to to agree with God in this post modern God paranoid society we find ourselves in.  Romans 12:2 tells us that the only way to not be conformed to this world is to be transformed by the renewing of our minds.  I’m very happy for any of the parents to come and see me in manse if you’d like talk through this series and have a look at our materials.     

A reminder that there is the Prayer Meeting 7pm in the auditorium tonight.    The office is open still for anything that you need.   Iain and I are clearing messages and getting back to people as we are able.   Thanks for your patience around this.  Also thank you to everyone who prayed for us as a family this week after our son’s car accident.  We can see God’s merciful hand upon Eli and we have much to be thankful for despite what happened.    Let me end this comment by reminding you all to tell your loved ones how much you love and care for them.   We sometimes take each day forgranted and think that the people around us will be there tomorrow.   Hug your children, love your children, speak kind encouraging words over them – and each other, and enjoy the wonderful day ahead.



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